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Whale Communications – in her previous book, BEFORE WE LEAVE YOU, Patricia declares she has received communication from the whales and dolphins, in a compelling work that speaks to the soul of the human race. And here it is again, with the Emissary, but in a fictional story – let’s dive into that experience.


Facing Fear – Patricia talks about the process of facing fear and the ultimate gift you receive when you get through it. In her case, the fear was the great white shark, so jumping off a boat to swim with dolphins was about more than just the joy of that experience.


The Paranormal – herself a renowned psychic, Patricia develops this thread throughout the story, with her protagonist, Jamie Hastings, doing incredible things with her gift. How much of Jamie Hastings is inspired by Patricia’s own experiences? Let’s talk about the gift of psychic vision and how it inspires her work and her life.


Save Earth’s Oceans, Inc – Like her protagonist, Patricia co-founded a non-profit foundation to help save the whales and dolphins, and all the living beings of the oceans. As CEO of the organization, what plans does she have in the near future? What campaigns are underway? What can her readers do to help?


Cetacean Interactions Patricia goes all around the world, spending time on the water watching the whales, and swimming with wild dolphins. Let’s talk about some of her most exciting moments, and that experience that many of us will never have!


The Writer’s Experience – From non-fiction, to autobiographical, to novel and even the screenplay of The Emissary, which has already been optioned to become a major motion picture. What is Patricia’s process, and the experience, of writing fiction, and the screenplay, from where she began? What tips does she offer aspiring writers?


Extraterrestrial and Extradimensional Life – Patricia is a renowned voice in the communities that believe in life beyond this earth. It’s a fascinating thread in this story as well. Let’s examine the latest in the disclosure process, and the whole field of alien life – on the planet and beyond – and what it means to the future of the world.

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